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Products used


ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush is a water-based dye with a single sided bristle brush tip.
Because it is a water-based dye ink, you can blur it with water or mix with other real brush colors or blender.

Bristle Tip

The brush tip is very flexible making it easy to go from thin to thick lines in one stroke.

Art title

Artist Name

makiko (@makiko_j)


The tips of the CLEAN COLOR Real brush are thin and flexible, so I mainly use them for detailed drawing.
There are many colors to choose from, but I often use pale colors, which are easy to match with plants.
Pale colors can express the softness of plants and they are compatible with other colors.
Brush lettering can produce fine lines, and you can enjoy suppleness when you are writing.
It is an excellent product for both illustration and lettering.

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