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Products used

ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush (Black color only)

ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush is a water-based dye with a single sided bristle brush tip.
Because it is a water-based dye ink, you can blur it with water or mix with other real brush colors or blender.

Bristle Tip

The brush tip is very flexible making it easy to go from thin to thick lines in one stroke.

Art title

Busy streets

Artist Name

Márcio Correia Barra (@marciobarra_art)


I really enjoyed using the Kuretake real color brush pen, and this drawing shows how flexible it is.
You can go from a thin to a more broad stroke very easily, and the pen has a really cool gradation to it, from a darkish grey color to a more fully black color.
I wanted for this piece to draw a very busy scene, with lots of tiny details happening everywhere.
The crooked buildings came accidentally as I was drawing, but it gave a more dynamic feel to the drawing.

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