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30 Blue and Green new colors are released!

Kuretake has launched 30 new colors for ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Blush!

Previously, there were 120 colors in the CLEAN COLOR Real Blush lineup, but with the addition of the 30 newly released colors, a total of 150 colors are now available!

With the debut of the new colors, CLEAN COLOR Real Brush now makes possible an even greater variety of expression.

Variety of organic blue and green colors, perfect for drawing aquatic scenes or natural landscapes such as skylines and greenery.

Brush tip makes it easy to create both narrow and wide lines. Great for illustrating, lettering, and sketching.

These new colors are available in one set, also you can choose your favorite color and can purchase individually.

The new colors can also be combined with the 120 color set to make it possible to have all the colors in one set.


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